Additional Information


door opening size 10×21 dm (door frame size 990×2090 mm), door opening size 7×21 dm (door frame size 690×2090 mm), door opening size 8×21 dm (door frame size 790×2090 mm), door opening size 9×21 dm (door frame size 890×2090 mm)

Special dimensions:

dimensions reduction is permitted, size increase is permitted up to 15% in height and 15% in width, but not more than 20% in area

Sound insulation:

test result Rw38db, classification for Norway and Sweden is R`W35dB

Fire resistance:

EI30, Sweden EI30 and Norway B30s

Smoke control:

Sa/Sm (tested in Inspecta Estonia laboratory)


C5 (tested in Inspecta Estonia laboratory)

Door leaf:

flush straight-edge door leaf thickness 53 mm


pine 54×80 mm


oak, 20 mm


ASSA 565 (does not include the handle and cylinder)


Abloy 3248-110 TMKSS ZN


white NCS S0502-Y or unfinished


additional lock option, adhesive strips and shields, door closer, door eye, door key deposit, lead cover and lock cable in tube, locks from various manufacturers, post-box Primo 60+63, RST kickplate

Special color:

special colors according to different catalogues, standard special colors: M161 (brown), RAL 5023(distant blue), RAL 3011 (brown red), RAL 6003 (olive green), RAL7040 (window grey), veneered (oak, pine, teak, birch)+(stain)+ oil, veneered (oak, pine, teak, birch)+(stain)+lacquer


heated working and living premises