FD60 (EI60_Rw38db)

Fire and soundproof doors are designed to block out fire between sections. The doors help slow down the spread of fire and smoke to keep you safer in your home.

The doors are intended for heated work and living quarters where the temperature difference between the rooms does not exceed 5°C.

Size:  M7-10 x 20-21


Door leaf: non-rebated, thickness 54mm

Frame: pine, depth 92mm

Threshold: oak, height 20mm

Fittings: lock case Assa 565 + striking plate 1887-2; plate hinges Abloy 3248


It is possible to get special solutions.

Product sheet

Declaration of Performance

Certificate of conformity

Installation instruction

stainless steel kick plate, surface mounted door closer, additional lock case, doorbell,

glued decorative panels and/or moldings

special paint                    
special veneer
 special laminate